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A recognized expert on the years Bill Miner spent in Canada 100 years ago, Peter Grauer has appeared in television documentaries such as those produced by Alliance Atlantis Filmsí History Channel.  Born and raised in Revelstoke, as a young adult Peter moved to Kamloops where his motherís family had settled in the 1880s.  It was here that he first began his fascination with the early history of B.C. and started on his journey to assemble material for this book.  Drawing from restricted Provincial Police files,  previously unpublished archival documents and his own extensive collection of primary and secondary history sources, he has created a fascinating and detailed glimpse into a time now long past.

In 2007 Peter won a prestigious historical writing award from the BC Historical Federation for "Interred With Their Bones."  The ceremonies took place at Government House in Victoria and Lieutenant Governor Iona Campagnola made the presentations.


Peter Grauer had been writing historical articles for a daily newspaper when, in preparing for an article on Bill Miner, he uncovered some new information which ultimately led to the realization that the true story of Miner had not been told. "Interred With Their Bones" is the result.  He has appeared on History Televisionís "Manhunt" series in an episode about Bill Miner, on CTV's Travel Channel, CBC Radio's Almanac and CHBC TV out of Kelowna.  In conjunction with a Professor Emeritus from a western Canadian University, Peter is presenting an "Ideas" proposal to CBC Radio in the near future.


Peter is presently working on a comprehensive history of the early formative years of the Cariboo Gold Rush, 1861-1862.  It will follow the adventures of four men who either left memoirs behind, or the primary and secondary sources researched present a comprehensive history of the individuals.  The story will move from south of the border in Washington Territory, up the west bank of the Great Okanagan Lake, through Grande Prairie, Fort Kamloops, Cache Creek, Hat Creek and Cayoosh (Lillooet), and on to Quesnelle and Lightning Creek and the little gold rush town of Van Winkle.  It will move from Antler Creek in the north, down through Quesnelle Forks, Lytton, the Fraser Canyon and Yale, New Westminster and Victoria.  By concentrating on four men during just two early years of the gold rush, on just one creek and one town, the writer hopes to be able to give the reader a taste of what life was actually like during this formative period of BC's history.


Peter resides in a rural section of Kamloops, BC with his wife Karen. He can be contacted at 250-573-3670 or by email (Remove the underscores before mailing.  This prevents spam from following this email link.)

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